Friday, March 23, 2012

waterton canyon

Another great day in Colorado! Waterton Canyon had been closed for over a year, so this was our first visit. This 6 mile dirt road runs through the canyon along the South Platte River. It is a phenomenal spot for families (of all skill levels) to walk, bike or run together. 

At about the 3-mile point was a spot for the kids to play in the river and throw rocks {the last photo shows a crying Drew after a rock thrown by his sister went amiss!}. Not to mention the herd of long horn sheep waiting for photo ops! There was a one-horned sheep that insisted on being petted. We realize that's a no-no, but he just kept following us until we paid attention to him and had his head rubbed! What could we do? Colorado, you never cease to amaze us!

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