Wednesday, August 31, 2011


THIS is the perfect cake {for me}! Cakes are not my specialty and living at 5300 feet above sea level makes it even more challenging. Our little boy, Drew, just celebrated his 7th birthday and when I saw a candy cake on Pinterest, I knew I had found my winner!

Just bake the cake of your choice; frost it when cooled {messy or neatly, it doesn't matter!}. Break regular size Kit Kats {I used about 11 packages} in twos and gently press against the frosted sides. Add your favorite ribbon and tie a bow, or tie neatly in the back. For the top, I used a bag of mini M&Ms, but be creative! Speaking of which, I don't always feel super creative, but I am a great copier! Here is where my inspiration came from: made in melissa's kitchen.
These "Happy Birthday" candles on the other hand, were horrible! They melted before Drew could even blow them all out. Hope #7 is super birthday boy!

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