Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Is it really Easter without monster eggs? Not at our house! Dyeing eggs is a tradition I still love doing every year...my only problem is letting go of my control "issues". I need to learn to let the kids do their thing, by themselves. It's hard though!

I'm not sure when it happened exactly? But Drew has forgotten how to smile? Not on a day-to-day basis, just when it comes to photos. It's a weird phenomenon that happens to kids at some point in their lives (I don't think it's just Drew?).

The Easter Bunny left a trail of chocolate eggs to this, the big prize on Easter morning. The Easter Bunny had a little help from good ol' Grandma and Grandma-Poo (yes you read that right).
Well it wouldn't be a typical blog entry without mention of some sort of dessert! So, here it is...Easter Egg Cupcakes! I would share the recipe, but quite frankly they took forever to make and I'm sure you could get the same results with whatever cupcake and frosting recipes you already have and love.
And Sophie...sweet Sophie, it was her first Easter and of course the basket of goodies meant nothing to her, but another first (and last) come and gone for Mommy and Daddy.

Oh these children of mine, nothing but smiles and love and cuddles and happiness...

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