Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I have jokingly begged Drew not to change as he gets older; I've asked him to please not cause me any anguish, heartache or grief, to please always be my angel baby. He is truly perfection, in our eyes at least, and wow does he bring us such incredible happiness. It's impossible to be sad around him, when all he brings is joy.

He has helped ease the pain of losing our first baby boy, Liam, which looking back I never would have thought possible. We need look no further than a child to see what this world should be about: innocence, happiness, love, caring and playfulness. I wish we didn't lose so much of the "good stuff" as we grow older. If I want to skip down the street singing at the top of my lungs, I should be able to right? I honestly think adults would be a lot happier if we could bring "recesses" back into our lives! Long live childhood...

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