Thursday, October 20, 2011

Newfoundland (Newfie)

While I realize that it is WAY better to get a doggie from an animal shelter, I can not help wanting one of these guys! And please know, this is coming from a country girl who had SEVERAL pets that were considered "rejects" by their owners who not so lovingly dropped them off in the country. 

I have a fascination with huge, fluffy dogs that my kiddos can cuddle with and feel protected by. My favorite dog of all time was Bup (not sure why my Grandpa Dow named him that?), he was an amazing mix of St. Bernard and German Shepherd (LOVE them too!!!) and he was LARGE! Known also as a small pony by my little brother and sister, Bup was the most gentle, loving dog ever, who let kittens lay on him when it was cold. But who also knew how to scare the begeezus out of strangers by standing on his hind legs and peering through their car windows! So, this is why I adore large dogs and want one. Now!

photos via Pinterest, Puppy Petite Boutique, and About Zoo

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