Saturday, September 11, 2010


I am a blog addict! So many creative, funny, talented people in this world and now we all get to share in their lives via the internet. Lucky us! I have a fairly large list of blogs that I scan/read on a weekly basis (if not daily) and this is one of my favorites. Catalog Living is the creation of Los Angeles comedian Molly Erdman and it takes a very humorous look at the people (namely Elaine & Gary) living inside our catalogs.

People who need people...

Elaine blamed herself for not being more specific with Gary in her request for him to "put up some pictures of people."

Time to come clean...

Gary has no idea what exactly Elaine does in the shower every day, but he certainly knows better than to touch her wooden shower spoon or shower branch.

Be prepared...

Elaine got the feeling that Gary planned to stay in the bathroom for a long time.

The tides are turning...

Gary Jr. was getting a little tired of his parents none-too-subtle digs at his recent bed-wetting phase.

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