Tuesday, August 31, 2010


After a year of listening to Drew complain about school lunches, and then watching Jamie Oliver's "Food Revolution", I have decided to let him take his lunch to school...except on Friday's (apparently he can "tolerate" their pizza).

But making up lunches is more difficult than I expected. It can't be refrigerated and it can't be warmed up, so how many healthy food alternatives does that leave? Well apparently a lot according to Melissa from "another lunch". I can only aspire to be as creative as her; chances are good that my child will not be taking star-shaped cheese slices or sandwiches made to look like Sponge Bob, but I can certainly gain inspiration from her food selections.

Lunch Box #1 ~ baby carrots, striped Granny Smith apples, chocolate chips, organic strawberries, pretzels, granola bar & fruit leather.

Lunch Box #2 ~ fruit leather star, goldfish crackers, smiling orange, checkered apple, kiwi flower, sausage & cheddar cheese cubes, swiss cheese & peas

Lunch Box #3 ~ spinach, cucumber & cherry tomato salad, homemade ranch dressing, cheese quesadilla, veggie straws and blueberries

photos via another lunch

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  1. I have the same problem. I feel like I am packing "snacks" for lunch and I want my daughter used to eating "dinners".



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