Saturday, June 25, 2011


Well, if I have learned anything about living in Colorado, it must be, to ALWAYS have your tennis shoes (and a jacket) on hand! Coming home from the Evergreen Rodeo, we decided to stop at Lookout Mountain, which overlooks Golden, CO (home of Coors beer...woohoo...Coors shout-out). At 7,581 feet, the views are phenomenal! 

Lookout Mountain is also home to Buffalo Bill's gravesite and the Boettcher Mansion (summer home of Denver entrepreneur, Charles Boettcher, built in 1917).

Oh yes, I have learned one other thing...I may be the biggest worrier of all time. Pretty much anywhere we stop, Drew hears a lecture similar to this (Soph is so crazy, we just hold her!): 

"Drew, no running or silliness. Are you listening to me? Drew, seriously now, you are thousands of feet up. Please don't give your Mother a heart attack. Hold my hand Drew. I mean it Drew. Okay, be careful." 

Oh, my poor, worried heart...but if it wasn't the mountains, it would be something else! ;-)

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